How to align my 3d model to axis to apply a mirror then. Nothing works (PHOTO)

Something wrong here/. i have tried everything in menu Object-Transform but nothing working in my case. Maybe something wrong with a model. How to align it on axis. If i am not align then mirror modifier will just mess up my model.

Seelct the vertices on the desired mirror plane and position the 3d cursor there (Shift+S / Cursor to Selected). Then position the object origin to the location of the 3d cursor (Origin option in the toolshelf).

Alternativly position an empty at the mirror plane and select the empty in the mirror modifier settings

Always ensure you have applied any rotation your object may have (Ctrl+A)

For further help we need to actually see what the problem is, something you omitted in your post so we have to try and guess what you’re actually talking about !!! (screenshots and blend file etc)

here is blend file/

i tried your method but with no luck


got a blend file?

my blend file is here. download it from here please and check…7ab4daf3800a47

10 minute work:

Thank you!!! But i am curious what have you done to sort it out, and what was the problem?