How To Align Objects

1.) How do I “align” objects without using the grid? I want the most accurate approach possible, please. :slight_smile:

Also, I know this may sound stupid, but I’m new, so…

2.a.) What is the pink dot in the middle of the screen used for?

2.b.) Besides placing and rotating objects - what is the purpose of the 3D cursor?


Mr Head

1.Use the transform properties window invoked with N key to accurately place objects in object mode or verticese, edges and faces in editmode.

  1. That pink dot is your objects center. You can change this via the buttons on the mesh tab in the edit buttons (F9). This only works in objectmode.

  2. You can aloso cause objects or subsets of meshes to transform or scale around the 3D cursor. Default is transforms around the object’s center, but you can toggle the function 2 buttons to the left of the little hand icon in the 3D viewport or with the “period” hotkey. “comma” hotkey will toggle back to object centers.

Edit: Holding down “Ctrl” key while transforming or scaling objects or mesh subsets will cause them to snap to the grid or parts in between the gridlines if they are not already alligned to the grid.

You may find useful. Feel free to extend it if necessary.