how to align points between points

Hello, I’m trying to smooth a path I got form a gps log with XYZ. Since Z bumps the path all over the place. It doesn’t make a smooth path. But I can see a pattern in all of this to where it wants to go. At the moment I’m using another bezier with less points to mark the high and low points and get a smooth Z and adding the curve points after by subdividing it. Is there a better way of doing this, that I don’t know of, like a tool for alignment? Can’t find anything on google that seams relavent to what I’m doing.

can you show some pics to better understand what you mean !

there is a smooth curve script
but not certain if you can use it !

why is z so wild ?

are you using an import script
where you could modify the Z values may be ?

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The red bumps up and down due to inaccuracy of gps. So I model the green after the red trying to get the average height. And then I’m done with the height I will model the green after the reds xy

find the curve simplify in addons
might help

also there is another script where you select 2 points far away and align all the other points in between in straight line
but not certain if it is what you want

another way would be to dissolve verts

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Where do I get that script? Simplify might work aswell or might a combination of the two.
Thanks for the help so far :slight_smile:

search addons for curve simplify
last one in curves script

try to find in wiki how to use
there is a link in addons doc to get it

did u try the dissolve verts ?

try to upload small sample file if you can

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I was thinking about this “select 2 points far away and align all the other points in between in straight line” Allready found simplify in the addon list

So playing around in frustration, I tried the smooth option on the curve and it did a very good job after a few clicks the line keept the height with in accepted margin and smoothed the worse bumps away. But it took the xy axes as well not really what I wanted but this makes my work a lot easier :slight_smile:

there is a script as I said to align in line between 2 points in space

align points - ends
StraightenPlus addon

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