How to align the 3D cursor between 2 objects?

Is there a way to align the 3D cursor perpendicularly to the line connecting the centres of 2 objects as in the attached file?
The cursor is in the right position but the rotation is wrong.
Thank you for your help.

selection.blend (653.8 KB)

There are a lot of possible ways (addons, manual snapping things arround…).

One way is putting a plane in the place of the cursor. Then, add a constraint > track to > select any cube as a target. Now the plane should be perpendicular to the line from both centers. Snap the cursor to the plane (select the cursor Tool and at the top change the Orientation to Geometry. If you click now on the plane you’ll get the rotation. As a final step you must move the cursor to the plane origin (the original place).

Hope it’s not confusing (if you use this a lot make some python code!).

A bit long but it worked.