How to align vertices on a loop?


Is there a way to align vertices on a loop so they have even space between them (so that edges on the loop have the same length).

I think the “Distribute: Verts” function in the Geom Tool script will do that for you.

Open a scripts window and press Scripts>Mesh>Geom Tool and choose distribute: verts from the pop-up menu.

Thank you for the answer, the “Geom Tool” script helps somewhat, but it only distributes the vertices more regularly. It doesn’t try to align them completely symmetrically.

I’l specify the problem: I am currently trying to model a characters arm and from extruding/rotating/scaling the vertices from the body and later manipulating them even more. Then the vertices on some edge-loops become unsymmetrical. But going through different tutorials then the vertices are all aligned symmetrical on the edge loops (like they where points on a circle spaced evenly apart).

I wonder if i’m trying to fix something that has to do with a bad modeling technique or it isn’t so important to have them lined up symmetrically (i.e the precision you get from aligning them by hand is enough)

my experience is that it is a lot of really tiny movements. If things are becoming ungluued and stretched, K kut the edges and create another row of verts.

You can add a curve as a separate object, as a guide to the line that the verts should line up against, and use that as sort of a wire guide. Once they are on the curve and smooth, distributing them should get them almost exactly where you want them.

W key->Smooth on a loop of verts will smooth them out a lot. Do it a few times and you’ll get pretty even distribution. It will also tend to shrink the loop so you will probably need to scale it up then. How necessary it is to get them right depends on your project. If I needed a perfect circle somewhere, then I might consider simply adding a mesh circle and then connecting faces to my model, rather than trying to extrude a circle.