How to animate a character via keyboard?

I followed the gingerbread man animation tutorial and the intro to blender’s game engine tutorial. So now I want to make the gingerbread man move but instead of just sliding around I want him to use his walk animation.

I’ve searched for this and I’m just getting frustrated.

Using Blender 2.49a.

I selected the gingerbread man in object mode, added the sensor as keyboard, controller as AND, and actuator as IPO. My animation is just like the tutorial with 1 to 41.
He animates with Alt+A as well. :mad:

Armatures use actions. Better use the Action Actuator.

use an action actuator with the settings 1-41(frames) and Loop-End so as long as you hold down the key the animation will play. Also, the default action name is Action, if you split the screen and go to the action editor window you can change the name to whatever you like.

here’s an old tut, maybe useful ( I must updated this thing I guess?!):