How to animate a cylinder and use it in PDF/Word

I am COMPLETELY new to Blender and am looking for a little help. My boss has tasked me with the following project and I was wondering if anybody would have any ideas on how I should carry it out?

She wants:

  • A 3D cylinder model that spins (is animated)
  • The cylinder has four “sides” with different information on each side
  • Once rendered, she wants the animation to be put into a Word doc or PDF so that when someone goes to view it they see the cylinder turning (she described it as “like Flash on a website”)

Now, does this sound at all possible in Blender? If not, are their any other programs that might be better? Any advice at all?! :eek:


Bill J

I think you can embed a FLV in a PDF. So just make your animation and then convert it to FLV for the final output. Then embed the FLV in the PDF.