How to animate a face texture with UV at the same as a body texture with material?

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To simplify my question : i need a method to animate expressions in 2D on a 3D cat character (so 4 legs).
I tried many things and nothing works in sync.
I can either animate the body but not the face or animate the face but AnimAll only create keys on the timeline instead of the dopesheet so it doesn"t match with the body (also, cannot do more than one since the timeline is a common tool).
Basically what i need to know is how i can put AnimAll keys on the dopesheet.
Or how can i create a simple animation for the 2D face, store it somewhere and drop it on my 3D character.

Thanks in advance to anybody who can help.

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I have a few problems with integrating blender animations into unity.

I’ve made a character in blender with 2 material applied :

  • 1 material for the body (regular UV used)
  • 1 material for the face (UV offset animation) -> with multi textures animated for each expressions -> i hide/show textures i need for each body animation (i don’t know if there is an actual way to link an expression animation to a body animation)

So, as said above, i animated the face with UV offset.
It’s working fine in blender in GLSL mode. When i switch back to multitextured, it shows a blank square in place of the face (which i believe to be normal…?).

Also unity doesn’t keep the names i put in blender for material and material textures, does anybody know why? It’s making things even more difficult.

The problem is, when i export to unity in .fbx, everything works fine except i have no control whatsoever on the animation i made for the face and they don’t show at all -> my character just has the blank face instead of the UVs.

How do you solve this?
I need my character’s face to be actually displayed and to link my character’s expression (animated) to the right body animation in game.
Is this coming from blender ? From Unity ?
What should I do to have this working in unity?

I hope it’s somewhat clear, it’s pretty abstract to explain.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Little update on my problem, i’ll be grateful for any help, i’ve been stuck with this for nearly 2 weeks.
It’s driving me crazy.


can you share a file?
I thought all keyframes in the timeline are also in the dopesheet

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Well, i can’t give you the file because i’m working under NDA but i screened something.

As you can see, there is much more keys on the timeline than in the dopesheet.
That is because AnimAll create them there.
Is there a way to create them in the dopesheet or the action window?

I never found a tutorial where 2 textures are used and animated independently.

Thanks for your help.

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Your in the action editor, not the dope sheet.
the dope sheet shows the same as the time line, frame by frame as far as I can tell.
Really need a blend.

Timeline shows what is selected, could that be your issue? Can’t tell from what you provided.
Per the manual:
For the active and selected objects, keyframes are displayed as a yellow line. For Armatures, the object keyframes and the pose bones keyframes are drawn.
Only Selected Channels can be enabled. Timeline ‣ View ‣ Only Selected Channels. For Armatures, this will draw the object keyframes, and the keyframes for the active and selected pose bones.

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Thanks for your answer, but that’s not quite it. TT
I’m sorry it sounds confusing as hell, but i feel like i’m lacking knowledge in blender to explain myself properly.
And i’m very sorry about that.

What i’m trying to do is to put the keys from the face animation (using AnimAll currently) in the action panel.
Like a regular action per say.
But it doesn’t works.
It shows up on the timeline and i have no clue why i can’t animate the face UV in my action-timeline.

basically i want my cat to walk and while he walks his face changes.
I can make him walk good, but the keys for the face are not created in the action and i have no idea why.
So, in the end i have all the animations for the face showing up on the timeline, overlapping each other and not linked at all to their matching action-animation. :I