How to animate a line being drawn?

I’m trying to recreate the effect of a line being drawn across a map (like in Indiana Jones). I can animate a straight line by scaling a mesh, but I want the line to arc in the “air,” and there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do it. I tried animating particles across a torus, but the effect was kind of jerky, as the particles had to fill up one segment before starting on the next. Any ideas?

You can do a search on my Emulating After Effects Stroke.

Thanks, Atom, that’s definitely the right direction. How does that work? I mean, what’s the basic concept behind your animation?

Basically, you have two empties. One controls how close the stroke is to the end of the curve and the other one controls how close the stroke is to the begining of the curve. Animate one or both empties to cause the stroke to animate along the curve.

The empties are vertex parented to controls point in the “stroke_control” curve. The stroke control curve is applied to the taper field of the main stroke. You can also control the shape of the stroke with a curve called “stroke_shape”. This curve is applied to the BevOb field of the main curve.

I would use a bevelled curve and an animated texture.The animation is for the ofs-value of the texture.


pfad.blend (37.7 KB)


Nice one, that solves the tapered edge problem with my solution.


last year I did some line drawing renderings, with the build modifier applied on a mesh line. This worked quite well. With some nodes you could set the line weight.
But this is more a 2D drawing style.



Line_drawing.blend (159 KB)

I have used Python to this.

Wow, this looks nice!!
And you just have to enter a text?? Does it works with splines either?


Hey guys I am new to blender , would you help on this,

Do you know how to animate a line on a object

I mean I need to show hair line on a head