How to animate a Rubik's Cube

I am using python to create a Rubik’s cube. So I am not sure how to write about creating animations. For example, how do I rotate it around the center with one entire side selected?

We’re going to need more information here- “I’m creating X in python and I don’t know how to animate it”- I also don’t know how to animate it :man_shrugging:t3: There’s a billion different ways to animate, and without more specific information, I can’t really give you much beyond a generalized answer. For example, I can tell you that you’re going to need to use object.rotation_euler to get the spinning of the cube, but that’s as specific as I can be with the information provided

Thanks for the advice!
I changed my question based on your advice!

step 1: look at how an actual rubix cube is constructed.
step 2: build your object and hierarchy to match it
step 3: rotate the objects the same way they do in real life.

beyond that I’m not sure what your specific question is. are you asking how to rotate an object? how to set keyframes (and more to the point- what does it have to do with python)?

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I am using python to create a Rubik’s cube. I was able to model the Rubik’s cube, but I don’t understand python or blender itself very well, and I can’t figure out the script to select one face and rotate it around the center of the Rubik’s cube. If you have an example of a script, it would be easier to understand. …