How to animate a text stroke?

Hi folks,

Please check out this youtube vid (below)

At around 21 seconds you see the stroke animate.

On the right we see “bevel factor” with start and end, and this seems to be how he animates it.

But i can’t find these settings anywhere in the Blender interface.

Anyone have any tips for me?

Thanks! … D

Those factors are properties of curves, did you convert the text to a curve like they do in the video?

Thanks, yes i did, but i don’t see these same options anywhere that i see in the video!

Which tab do i need to select?

Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Sorry, i was being an idiot, now i have the settings.

But when i adjust the bevel start and end points like in the video, nothing happens!

Any ideas?

I think i’m doing something wrong when converting text to curves.

This is what i’m doing: object > convert to > curve from mesh/text

I really can’t follow what he’s doing the video!

Pointlessly fast video. :roll_eyes: