How to animate a texture over an object

I am trying to get an animated texture over an object ( an curved arrow ).
My goal is to get the arrow get filled and animated but until now the only effect I got is a funny cross from left to right.
I done it with tree procedureal textures:
Is there any method to do what I want?
Here is a picture of what I got:
I put also the video here

Thanks in advance for your tips.
and sorry for my poor english.

Edit buttons, Curves and Surfaces tab, select “UV Orco” and set the material mapping to “Orco” in the Material Map Input tab

Thanks SmokinJuan,
Your tip works perfectly on a curve with a bevel shape but my object is a mesh. Is there an way to do an arrow with curves?
or is there a way to “force” the UV Orco coordiante on a mesh?
PS. I tried to convert the curve to a mesh and got the same effect that I describe on my video.


unless there’s someting you could do like map the texture to an empty object I don’t think this could be done easily with a mesh.
But, here’s you arrow as a curve: