How to animate a texture?

Wasn’t sure whether to put this in the animation or texturing subforum, but here it is.

I’m trying to learn a bit more about animation so I’ll be doing a scene from a movie, but I have no idea how to recreate the effect on the sails in the beginning.

Is it doable?

You can animate almost any setting in blender by mousing over the setting and pressing the I key. For this specific effect you could probably apply a texture (possibly something like “Wood” in BI or “Wave” in Cycles) and animate the offset of the texture so that the gradient is animated to move along the object.

I can’t figure out the offset animation, the keyframe works on pretty much every box except the location of the texture. I can do it in the BI engine but Cycles is just confusing me. I also have to find out how to make it look like a pulse instead of a continuous texture… I’m assuming I just make a half orange/half transparent image in PS.

Maybe animate the position of a gradient (eg wave node), with a texture masked over the top?