How to animate a turning page

I’d like to animate a turning page for a book animation. However, I have no idea how to do this - maybe with curve guides or shape keys… could someone give me some ideas?

Hi, Please make a search on the forum.

I have alreaydy answered several time to this question, and somewhere thre is a thread where I posted a blend example file.

Thank you.

Well, I haven’t been able to find my old post and blend, but here is the method in short :

Create your page in top view, and put it’s object center on the center of the left side of this page.

Create a nurbs curve (easier that an a bezier curve to manipulate) in top view, with its center at the same place as the object center point of the page.

Now add hape keys to your curve and define 3 or 5 positions.

Add an Ipo curve to the Basic shape key (a red slope appears) set to Linear and Extrapolation.

The curve must be enabled in 3D and relative must be disabled to allow the curve to use the Ipo.

You will get perfect moving of your pages with few efforts !