how to animate along normals?

Hello, Im having trouble animating my camera 90 degrees in a bus. The bus is not square with any of the three axis and whenever i place a LocRot key frame my camera ends up turning in a strange direction instead of simply rotating 90 degress. Do i have have to haxe it along one of the axis or is there a way to rotate this differently?

This could be my fault, but I don’t understand when you say 90 degrees in a bus? What does a bus mean? Also the title of your question says: Animating along normals…do you mean the Z axis of your camera or whatever axis point upward? Does you camera pivots on its center? or Does the bus term mean the rotation point is outside the camera like those instruments that we use to draw precise circumferences on paper? ( compass?)

Anyways, if a bus means what I think then you need curve follow path. Take a look at this .blend file. I might be totally wrong about what you are asking though.

I made this blend (long ago) where camera rotates 360 degrees by following a bezier circle path.

sorry if its hard for me to get my point out but what i ment is the bus is an object its not lined up with any axis like: Rotation X:-4 y:83.4 Z:-52.5 and im recording the inside of the bus as in the camera is facing the front interior and slowly moving back while rotating 90 degrees.

If I am following this correctly, I think I would select the bus in object mode and use CTRL-A -> Apply Scale and Rotation. Then I would select the camera, shift-select the bus and CRTL-P to parent the camera to the bus. Then animate the camera as needed.


I tried what you said and it almost worked but the camera still kept doing its akward swing so i decided to use that as a transition for the scene. But I thank both of you for trying, in know this problem is kinda hard for me to project to others but i learned a couple of new things by asking so thank you again.

I’m not sure exactly what motion you’re looking for, but it might work to animate the camera on one of its local axes, then make an Empty its parent and animate the Empty to get the additional “off axis” rotation…

the swing is happening because you are in normal mode - you can change the mode to local, normal, global or gimbal with the buttons next to the manipulator buttons

if the camera is pointing 4 degrees down and facing forward
then when you rotate 90 degrees left on the normal axis of z - it will end up facing left but with a 4 degree tilt to the right

if you animate in global mode and turn it to the left around the z axis- it will be facing left and pointing down 4 degrees

you might find it easier to track the camera to an empty so you don’t have this problem
try using this camera rig (for blender 2.5)

I have put all the controls in a UI on the side widow (the properties panel - press n)

hopefully this helps


CameraDollyRig.2.5.3.blend (44.7 KB)