how to animate clothes on a character?

hello… i have just finally got finished rigging my characters for the scene that i want to make (YES!:smiley: ), and i want to know if there is some kind of way that i can make the clothes on the characters, acctually “look” like clothes…meaning, how do i make it so that when i move a certain part of the character’s limbs, that part of the clothing moves also?

At the moment, you’re going to have to model the clothes and rig them like you would the rest of the character. There are some tricks to using softbodies to get certain cloth effects, but the best way to do that is to use simple softbodies as dummy deformers and to rig the actual clothing with an armature. If you have capes or flowing dresses or jackets you want to rig, that’s a good way to do it (the Proog character’s jacket in Elephants Dream does this).

If your character’s clothes more or less fit the character and don’t do a lot of billowing around, then you’re probably best off just modeling the clothes straight on the character.