How to animate clothes?

hey guys, how do you go about with animating the clothes? for example Miles Morales’ Hoodie and Jacket? are they cloth simulation? or rigged?

  1. how do you animate the Jacket, like when he inserts his hands on them (in the train scene)?

  2. And then the Mask, where he shows his face (after the what’s up danger song)? is it rigged or is it cloth animation? or other method (please specify)?

  3. And how did they do the animation in the scene where he jumps from the building and his hoodie and jacket are flapping fast, like air is going through them?

  1. Can you also recommend a tutorial that can be of help on this topic. Thanks in advance

if the clothes are completely glued to the skin, use weight-paint them like skin. If the clothes are used by the character, just rigg them and make those clothes bones - bones constraint - with the bones of the body :

  • the bone of the mask will - copy location - the bone of the hand
  • the bones around the entrance of the pocket will - limit distance - with the bone of the hand

When your clothes interact with Physics forces … use “soft body” or “clothes” (i never used them). But its also possible to mix both solutions and there is also wonderfull free add-on to make the bones “jiggle”