How to animate late destruction?

So I’m experimenting with animating destruction and so on, and I reached a point where I want the object to get fractured later in the animation.I.e , not to fall apart on frame 1 but on frame 20 or 40 or so. So are there like constrains that can get removed on given frame, or even better , on applied force, or some how to have the fractured version of the object appear and replace the non fractured one ? (Though I hope that the constraints thing is possible too) :slight_smile:

And here’s a sort of a noob question :o, when I have 50 shards, how can I select them and apply physics settings, on ALL of them. Because when I use box select, or any other type of selection method I know of, it always apples settings on only one of the objects.

Edit: The next time I see this thread, could be tomorrow , so thanks in advance to all that took time to help :slight_smile:

How about keyframing layers to do a quick switcharoo

the second question:
you should be able to select a bunch of objects, with one as the active object, and CTRL-C>>All Physical Attributes.
That should do exactly what you want. (there are a bunch of other useful options under there, too)

Modron :Thanks for the reply :slight_smile: but how do I do that , + when I use Record Physics to IPO it records them from frame 1 too so even if I switch layers , …it would be the same , unless it’s possible to tell BGE to start baking physics on a certain frame ?

Spacetug : When I press CTRL-C nothing happens :frowning:

Go ahead and record your IPO. Then open up a NLA window and you can box select all the keys. Move them in time to your desired starting point. That should allow you to delay when your simulation starts.

Hey Atom awesome, I didn’t know blender had such a feature :eyebrowlift: Though it seems obvious now when I think about it, but even if I had done that earlier, I would’ve probably tried to move the IPO curves directly from the IPO editor :smiley:

Now if any one can figure out my multi-selection question , I’m using a PC running on Windows, and my blender is the -2.53 build. I guess there’s some other combination for me for the CTRL-C menu , Spacetug suggested :slight_smile: