How to animate linked objects?

I wonder if there is a way to animate (individually rotate and move) linked-to structures consisting of parented/grouped objects with no armature?

This couple of recent tweets may help:

Bah! Seems I can’t have multiple instances of the same linked character and animate them independently yet. #b3d #featurerequest #please

Ton Roosendaal:
Blender proxy only allows 1 proxy per instance for speed . Just duplicate the .blends or chars and instance them each as workaround. @Laxy


First of I just want to say that I’m just starting to ready about how to link and animate, so I have no actual experience but theory yet…

I think you might find dupligroups interesting from what I’ve read searching the Internet it is a method to animate multiple instances of the same object and its advantages in when compared to a proxy :

  • when having a prop consisting of more than one object you could select and animate them as a single object.
  • Adding or removing a objects from the group in the library will cause the group to update accordingly in your shot file/s.

wiki manual link on how to create dupligroups:

anyways proxy and dupligroups is the two only methods for linked object level animation I’ve found.

Hope it was of some use :slight_smile:

Well, my problem is: I have a figure that is made by seperate objects, which is parented to each other in chains - like you would do with bones in a rig. But my figure don’t have any rig. It can easily be animated by rotating the single objects (no IK though). This figure I would like to be able to ‘import’ into a scene, in a manner that makes it posible to animate (rotating the single elements), and still reflect if any changes are made in the original library file. ‘Importing’ with the ‘link’ command don’t allow for animation (except for simple movement/rotation of the figure as a whole), and ‘append’ doesn’t reflect changes in the library file. To cater for this situation Blender has the ‘proxy’ command, but unfortunately this only works if the figure has rig/skeleton. And so I’m stucked. No searching or reading have been able to shed light over this problem…anybody know of a solution?