how to animate material on SOME faces only?

Hi folks. I have a simple cartoon building with windows that are just a different material assigned to those faces. Can these face materials only be animated, or am I stuck with a more complicated method? Thanks for your time

opps double post during editing

If you have a different material what is the problem? You want to animate the material not the mesh? Ya just do it. All materials have their own data. Can you be more specific?

Uh, well I tried to hover over the material colour picker while in Edit mode with my target faces chosen, added a keyframe for the base colour, advanced to my target frame, hovered again and added another keyframe ‘for the selected channel’, and nothing seems to change during the animation.

plus I added the new colour as a new material first and chose it for the selected keyframe.

clear your materials, go to frame 1, and try this:

  1. In object mode add a new material, blue. This, by default, applies to all the faces.
  2. In edit mode select the faces you want for the animated material. Click the plus symbol to add a new, second material.
  3. Click assign (with those faces still selected)
  4. Change the color to pink.
  5. On frame 1, right click on the pink color and select ‘insert keyframe’
  6. Move the timeline to Frame 10:
  7. Change the pink to green.
  8. Right click on the green color and select 'insert keyframe.