how to animate procedual texture?

For example, I assign a Clouds texture(NoiseSize=0.25) to a plane for Normal and Displacement map at frame 1, then I want to let NoiseSize=1 and with ‘Color’ button is pressed.
However, in the ‘Material Buttons’ window, when I press IKey, there is no ‘Nor’ or ‘Disp’ item in the popup menu.
Any hints? Thanx.

you cant insert stuff for textures with the ipo key (I) you have to open the ipo window and change it to the texture mode.

Just another hint on this, when adding a texture ipo you need to
be in the texture window when you do an insert key. (In the 3d window you won’t be able to do it)

Hi Oyster,

I have an ‘Animated Procedural Textures in Blender’ pdf tutorial at my website that should answer many of your questions.


Thanks, everyone.
Cog, your tut are all so good :wink: =b