How to animate simple ponytails with physic ?

Hello, I modeled a little girl with two ponytails (not sure it’s how we call it) in the hair.
I would like not to have to animate them manual also I though about using bones but I’m not sure how to do.
I read somewhere I have to use cloth with 2-3 vertices, hook them with the head and IK each vertex with a bone.
Is there a simpler solution ?


Jiggle Armature

There’s also Laplacian Deform modifier

or soft Body physics. …etcetera.

Finally cloth did the trick after following some cloth tutorials. Thanks

Are the ponytails made with particle hair strands? If so, using Hair Dynamics might be a good choice – Blender’s hair physics has been improved a lot in 2.76

No, this is very simple ponytails, my character is in cartoon style. But thank you for the suggestion.

For mesh hair, I have used the cloth sim with good results, in this case wildly loose & scraggly, but it can also be very controlled with different parameters.