How to animate the cells in Voronoi Texture?

I want to animate the textrue like this -----at 6:50
I have tried using the 4D W parameter
Texture Mapping
Is this possible in blender ?
I also looked at a previous post

Thanks in Advace !
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Type #frame in Value.
Divide to set speed.
Then lpug to the W of the Voronoi.

This is the basic setup for your need.


Thanks !
It is close but not same (like in the video)
In the video they are just moving not spawning and disappearing

Blender’s Voronoi doesn’t do this. You’d need to create your own voronoi shader (osl or a huge amount of nodes), and force the cells coordinates to lay on the 2D plane (so they don’t disappear).

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(I was wrong)

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(i was wrong)

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Just transforming the input vector doesn’t work (you can add, subtract, divide, whatever). The algorithm needs to change, not the input.

The cells must have a Z coordinate of 0 (scaling the input vector, doesn’t block the shader to add some value to Z), and their XY coordinates must change with W, and none of the current voronoi functions does that.

Edit: Here’s something that does what @Umang_Kaushik is looking for…


Thanks for the info!

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THANKS ! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

how do you know so much about shader and stuff ?
can you please recommend me a good resource
btw does it require God level maths ? cuz i am just 14
Thanks !

Wow, you’re the best! I gave up when I thought it could only be done in programming the voronoi. You did a great job with math, really inspired.

I’ll try to recreate the setup and try some time manipulation on it.

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I don’t know about @Secrop but I tried the procedural shader tutorials on Blender Cloud. The mentor is really great and answer all the questions.

I think 14 is fine, as I had to ask my high school sister for help with math setup once.

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Some math for you:

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You’re welcome.

You could star by reading the book of shaders.

No, you don’t need to be at God level. But you need to know a bit. Remember that math is just a tool, just like a ruler or a compass. In fact a ruler is just a way to draw something like ax+b-y=0, and a compass sqr(x²+y²)-R=0.
And if you start now (at 14) learning and playing with math, when you get to my age (45), you’ll be very near ‘God level’. :slight_smile:

@lehuan5062, that paper is not very usefull for shading… Voronoi diagrams are difficult to implement as shaders, because you cannot parameterize it (a function that spits a value, based in some x,y,z values). And that’s the reason we don’t use pure voronoi diagrams in shaders. Instead we use the Worley’s algorithm, which is far easier to implement.

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Thank you for sharing!

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I’ll keep the file here for backing up: magical voronoi.blend (1000.6 KB)

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Neil Blevins has a lot of good educational material. He uses 3ds Max but a lot is generic enough to be useful for all 3d Apps.

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