how to animate things not shown in IPO window?

how can I animate things like e.g. “disp slider” (amount of displacement mapping) or “stiffness” / “threshold” values for metaballs in an IPO window.

They are not shown and even if I press “I”-key over materials panel and insert keys for “all mapping” it still not affects the “disp” slider.

thanx for help!

Bug bug. You’re right, it’s missing from the IPO window and from the Ikey menu. I’ll drop a word on that.


ok - thanks!

I found a work-around and use bump-maps now -

working with all these wonderful internal procedural textures to change normals I figured out that animating the “nor” value in “map to” to an amount bigger than “5” always jumps back to 5 when you animate it in an IPO. Even with maximizing the contrasts in the textures a value bigger than 5 would be good…

any idea?