How to animate transparency (beginner)?

I’ve created a Material with alpha=.5 so it is semi=transparent. But how do I assign it to a selected object? And then how do I make keyframes that specify transparency (alpha) for tweening? I want to make an object gradually appear, both in the 3d view and in rendered output. Blender 2.79b.

I should have asked before if you are using blender 2.8. If not, let me know

Assigning material part:

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Blender 2.79b. I can’t tell what is happening in these videos, sorry. Please someone answer my original question in words, thanks.

I’ll make a vid on this for 2.79 in an hour or two.

I get an error message:
" Video unavailable

Watch this video on YouTube.
Playback on other websites has been disabled by the video owner."

PLEASE, can someone else help me?

Go to this channel and there you can see the video

Sorry about that David I had no idea that link wouldn’t work, my fault. But yeah you should see it as the first vid on Benny’s link.

I left my comments about your video at the comments for . I could not follow the video. If you want to help further, please choose which comments to use and I will reply there.

I think I need something simpler: just show how to make the cube transparent and what to click to make a keyframe. That’s all I really need. The rest confuses me!