How to animate two rigs in one scene, what is the better workflow

I’m trying to animate two riggify rigs in one scene like they combat with each other.

but i have to animate one rig at a time, and then switch to the other to adjust accordingly. maybe my workflow is wrong, is there anyway to animate both at the same time without switching from one to one as well as modes repeatedly?

is there anyway that one action could contain both rigs’ data. If no, is there anyway to join two rigs so I can animate both the same time??

really appreciated if anyone can shed some light on this question.

Assuming you’re using a recent version, you can manipulate two (or more) armatures, without doing mode changes between each:

  1. In the main Edit menu, disable Lock Object Modes.
  2. Select one armature. Enter pose mode.
  3. Select the other armature. Enter pose mode.

You’ll see that bones from both armatures can be selected and manipulated. Armature-wide characteristics (like bone layer visibility) can’t be edited for both without switching modes, however.

It is possible to join rigs, or to use constraints so that both rigs get their data from a single uber-rig, but it’d probably be too tedious to set up without scripting.

Another thing you might consider is using bone constraints so that one rig is, at least in some ways, controlled by the other rig (or its mesh). If doing this, it’d be smart to pick one character as the master to avoid dependency loops.

thank you so much for helping!