How to animate UVs in UPBGE 0.3 for sprites

,such as explosion, dynamic flame, fireball?
I think 0.3 needs this

The developer told me this

ExxiL昨天 14:04

sorry, but all the code supporting that interface was removed when blender went to 2.8. And it is not possible to recover it. Maybe someone makes a new addon replacing its functionality

So I can only come to ask for help. I also saw this video, but it is obvious that I need to press the key and complete the full playback of the entire animation. After I talked with the author, I also understood what he meant, but it was obviously invalid. I was directly stuck Dilemma.
A lot of my work was completed in 0.3, and I can’t go back to 2.5, which is very embarrassing, so I come to ask friends for help.

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