How to Animate uvs with addon Animall in game with logic bricks?

To start, I know for a fact this can be done. I saw it in a video and did it myself in blend file. I can’t find the video again or remember how I did it before, and the file is lost.

In “blender game” with UVs checked. In edit mode you can click insert (in animall addon), move UVs, click insert, and make an action. The action can’t be seen in logic editor action actuator until you do something (it’s like one or two clicks). It will show up as a “keying action” in the action actuator. I’m really excited about this feature, but I have only seen the one video and can’t remember how it’s done.:spin:

What is the Animall addon?

Anyway, you can do this with shapekeys, which is much better documented.

I also tried it a while back but I think it can only be done outside of the game engine. You can do it with python though. Let me know if you find a way.