how to animate when particles start and stop

how can i animate parameters of a particle system?

I think you can animate everything, except the start, end, amount and “emit from” parameters. Do so by hovering over the data field and pressing “i”.

thats a bummer because i want to animate the start and end. i guess ill just have to use a lot of different particle systems

so now im trying to make a bunch of different particles systems with the same settings since i can only turn them on and off once. but i cant copy the systems. i would have to go through and change each parameter, there has to be a better way

In the ParticleSystem, there is, under the “name”, and above the “type” an option called settings. Add a new particle system, and choose the particle settings you want from the dropdown menu. (The original settings), click the 2 next to it, to make it a single user, and then change the settings you want to. It will retain all the settings from the original one, unless you change them.

awesome now i can turn the jet engines on and off!!!

i figured out that animating the alpha of the material assigned to the particles can work for this also although it doesn’t look as cool.