how to animate...

is there any other way to animate other than frame by frame. i want to make camera movments or object movements, but it would me SUPER hard to do it frame by frame. thanks!

The only other way I can think of is to use paths. The camera can follow the path, and speed can be controlled by editing the Time Ipo.

I’d love to see keyframed objects represented by an editable motion path in the 3D view…maybe someday.

how do i use paths to animate?

You dont do it frame by frame. You only tell it by keyframe. In other words, you say, Hey, Camera. Be here on frame 1, and then be over here by frame 30. Blender figures out the rest. see and then 4 pages. For path following, read the very entertaining page after those. Keep reading just for fun until the end of the book.

thank you :slight_smile: