how to animating alpha in apricot build?

I’ve been working on a BGE game for about 2 years now and have recently switched to the apricot builds because of their GLSL support. I’ve managed to fix all the bugs that have popped after the transition except for one: I can’t animate colors nor alpha anymore. I have tried ColA, and material IPO’s but have had no luck in getting them to work in the game engine.

so my question is how can I animate the alpha of a material in GLSL mode?

sample .blend:


alpha.blend (134 KB)

i will look into it to see what i can do.

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this is my e-mail contact me and i will give you one of my models.

good news, there is a video out on exactly how to do that as a matter of fact

Thanks for the quick responses, but unfortunately that video does not help with my current problem, he uses camera data to control the alpha, I need to use an animation or variable. I suppose I should explain what I am trying to do in more depth. I’m making smoke in my game, and it looks really nice when the alpha fades out slowly as it expands. I used to just have to define a ColA channel in the IPO, but that doesn’t work in GLSL mode for the game engine. I tried some things with nodes but they didn’t work for me (not really surprising considering its my first time using them).

sorry for the bump, but I ran into the same problem.
Anyone knows if ColA IPO is supposed to work with GLSL?

Any hints greatly appreciated…


i saw somewhere in the release notes of 2.48 that animation is not supported. look at release notes glsl materials i think thats where i saw it.

Hi, just wanted to tell you that Col IPOs do work with GLSL in 2.48 :slight_smile:
I looked into YoFrankie files how they set up the “blast” effect and the only difference to multitexture materials seems to be that you have to activate “ObColor” in the material settings… (quite obvious actually, dont know why I didnt try this before…)