How to append an object without keyframes


I’m trying to append an object from another .blend file. When I append it, it comes with the keyframes I applied in the previous file. I can’t erase the keys.



What kind of object? A Mesh object? An Armature? A Lamp? What kind of keyframes are there (that can’t be deleted)? Helps to know specifics, because many of these kinds of things act differently when doing the same operation (like deleting keyframes).

Also, make sure you are actually Appending and not Linking the object (Append button in the dialog is enabled).

have you checked both the action editor and the IPO editor for the keys?
If it’s an armature, make sure you have the IPO window set to pose.

It’s a mesh object. I made a pendulum. I keyed evenly with no easing. I’d like to key the same object a different way, with easing, to teach my students this concept. How will I delete the existing ROT keys to make new ones on an appended file. I don’t want to have to make all of these objects twice.

If you have created keys for the Object that show only in the IPO Editor window and the NLA Editor, then you should be able to delete these keys by selecting them in the IPO Editor and using the DELETE key. Make sure that the IPO type being displayed is Object, and that all the channels that have keyframes are selected in the IPO Editor.

Object keyframes/IPOs are not automatically made part of an Action, but you can do this optionally, so if you have made the animation into an Action for the Object, be sure to unlink the Action (X button in the Action Editor) before saving the file and then appending the object to another file.

Just out of interest, any particular reason to make a new file for the eased animations? Couldn’t you just make new eased curves farther down the timeline from the linear IPOs?