How to Append Armature ?(with Constraint)

How to Append Armature ?(with Constraint) :wink:

Every time i Append Armature from another Model(Blender File) . I alway lost Constraint. How to Append Armature and still have Constraint.


Welcome to BlenderArtists Cyberspark, there’s a forum topic for Rigging (Animation actually) where you should put your questions (i.e. not in the News & Discussion)…

…but just to be friendly = Shift F1 > Append Object > Armature and all should arrive fine. I used to be frustrated by trying to append Armature > Armature, but that just brings in data…

Hope that helps and have fun :eyebrowlift2:

Thanks you
i try to put a mancandy rig in to my model but …it not easy… so many bone
Do you have an easy way to do that?

or i need to rig it from first bone( body)

just come from Animation Master user


The Mancandy rig is extremely complex and may be “more” than you need.

I suggest you look at the “Intro to Character Animation” tutorial by Ryan, (link in my signature) and either create your own simple rig from that tutorial (and I recommend my “improved foot rig” that’s mentioned in that article.

Also check out my “best of blender” thread, that has links to many fully rigged characters.

That being said, if you really want to use the M.C. rig, you might take a look at this thread, and consider purchasing the DVD :

Also, as PatDog mentioned, 99.9% of the time when appending you’ll append from the “Objects” “tree” … even better is to use groups, then you can append from the Group “tree”, and just have to select a single group, instead of all the required objects.