How to append objects with their texture?

I’m able to append my objects but when I tried to also append their textures, it doesn’t work anymore (the textures are not placed to the objects.)

How can i append the objects with their respective textures?

If you append/link objects you append their materials and textures as well as they are referenced by the object.
There is no need to append the materials/textures separately.

There might be situations that it does not work as expected, but we need some more details from you.

Apologies for resurrecting this thread, but I have the same issue, and I don’t see a resolution to rhonoryoma’s question. I tried to import the Old Sintel model from the Movie DVD and when I rendered it (with nothing else in the scene) other than a camera and a sun lamp, it rendered with no textures (I can provide a sample if needed). It rendered with plain colours, whether or not I have the textures tickbox checked on the render options. Not sure why this is the case. I was able to import Proog from the Elephant’s Dream website without problems, although the textures seemed to disappear when I came back the following day and tried to render again. I thought about maybe trying to pack the external data into the blend file, but that just slowed my computer down too much. I tried importing the materials and textures before importing the main model object, and then tried again, but after importing the object, but it didn’t work. If it helps, I’m running Blender 2.65a on Ubuntu Linux.

I suggest to open the source file with newer versions and save it again. This way it will be upgraded.

There might be some incompatibility issues when appending/linking from files of different versions (especially when the version jump is large).

Thank you, saving out the Sintel blend file then using that as an import worked. Although it crashed my installation of Blender because I don’t have enough memory :frowning: Well, at least I have a reason to upgrade now.