HOW to apply a PAUSE function @ game blender?

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I’m doing a pinball game like mario pinball for GBA. Everything is going ok. The collisions, the ball physics (done after reading “master strubi” rollerball at theGame Toolkit book), the logicbricks for scenes and a few “very rookie” .py scripts… the only thing I can’t finger out now is how to apply a pause button to it - so it pause the ball simulation at the gamer will . Anyone with time to give me some directions for a better resaearch on this, i’ll thanks, already, in advance. :slight_smile:

Guto Novo

PS:pardon my lack of english language’s knownledge.


well, there’s a Suspend scene Actuator , but I guess that unfortunately, it
only suspends really the “scene” not the running “processes in the back”


thanks. I’ll try it anyway. I would not worry about a pause button, but I’ll release the game as a “pro” casual game, so the lack of a pause button is like taking away the “pro” from the casual game. :slight_smile:

really thanks OTO.

guto novo ??

it uses a forground scene [if I remember correctly] to pause and resume the main scene.

wow! this is clever (atleast for my ignorance level about the game engine)… I was trying the actuator direct in my pinball main scene… thanks again… when i finish the basic struture of my pinball, I’ll put a link here too… game blender community sounds a fun one! :slight_smile:

guto novo