how to apply a texture of an eye to a sphere?

(msdawy) #1

i have an image of a black circle. i want this to be applied to a sphere, so that it looks like an eye! (NB: this is taken from the blenderchar site, from the tutor of modeling cartoon-like eyes!)

now, the problem, is that the texture doesn’t look right on the sphere. the black sphere appears on the other side of the sphere, making the eye look only like a white sphere!
how do i apply the texture, so that the black circle appears on the side visible to the camera? what combinations of settings should be set to get the desired result?
thank you very much…
PS: will post the blend file, if description is not very clear! :o

(kos) #2

try UV-mapping.

(msdawy) #3

ummm… didn’t work, i am afraid, after setting it to uv mapping, the eye becomes a gird of white and black squares!
did i do sthg wrong?
or, are there other ways to do it?
thank you very much…

(kos) #4

damn…i bet my head you did not map any kind of UV.there are several tutorials explaining how to do UV-mapping.i am sure you did not try them. :-?

(Alltaken) #5

put it on the circle then rotate the circle 180 degrees so that where the centre of the circle was is now in the centre of the eye where you want it.

ha wasn’t that hard now was it.

maybe if that doesn’t work which i know is an impossibility try changing how the texture is applyed like win, sticky, cord those ones

have fun