How to apply a the same setting to multiple object without changing everything?

I have a problem that puzzels me: when trying to apply settings ie. resolution to a collection of shapes/bezier curves with linked bevel by pressing “ctrl-L”: make link/object data thus applying the specs of the last selected object it changes even the offset of the individual vectors.

In the shown example the tubes are “straightened up” unrequested: I just want to fix the resolution from 1 to 10.

In other programmes one might select a group of objects and apply the settings all over. How would you handle this in Blender?

Kind regards, Mikael

You can use Object Property Chart addon to copy a specific property from the current active object to any other selected objects

Thanks, Richard.
Looks like what I’m looking for.
Kind regards, Mikael

April 6th: so I’ve tried your link, but cannot download any thing except this message:

“Not Found
The requested URL /svnroot/bf-extensions/trunk/py/scripts/addons/ was not found on this server.”

Otherwise I found an alternative url appearently more like the file wanted yet it doesnt seem to install properly: Tried to place the script in addon folder, but no Property tab showed up i “N”-panel under “Grease Pencil” when Blender 2.66a running. last string)

Richard – or any one – can you offer me a hint?

Kind regards,

the addon should be included with blender… search under preferences > addons and enable it
an other useful one is called ‘Copy Atributes Menu’ and activates on Ctrl+C -overlaps with new object copy-
but many times you could simply right click on a property > copy to selected

if everything fails there’s yet python console, in this case:
for o in C.selected_objects: = = 10

this is something that may some day improve in Blender

Hi liero

Great! Found it! I’d tried “space_view3d_property_chart” with no success. One must search on “Property Chart” instead and switch it on :wink:

“Copy Atributes Menu”:
Also very nice. It extends the Ctrl-C significantly. Most helpful!

“if everything fails there’s yet python console, in this case:
for o in C.selected_objects: = = 10”

hm, this one is not quite clear for me; how do you mean “for o”. The “object”? And how do I gather the string? Will this string apply to all the object of the same kind?

Forgive me; I’m still very new in the console. Until then I’m very glad for your help with the two addons.

Kind regards and thanks from Mikael