How to apply a Wind force field to "keyed" particles?

Is it possible? Or would this just complicate things?
Maybe at some point in time (of the animation) I should convert the particles to meshes to simplify the use of Wind? If so, how to do such conversion?

Presently my particles go from A to B, and that’s it. But now I need them to be blown away.
I did add a Wind f.f. myself but the particles didn’t react no matter how strong the wind.

Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.


it’s not posible to convert particles to meshes, only with hair this is possible. also when having lots of particles the time profit made is realy low, because you create like 10k or 80k vertices.

i also had problems with the wind force field, it wasn’t doing with my grass. i dont know how to slove this…

What do you mean by ‘keyed particles’, what is keyframed, have you baked the particles to a cache ?, how do they go from A to B, are the particles or particle objects, Too many questions because of too little supplied infomation.
Of course wind force fields easily affect particles but in your case without the blend file how are you expecting people to be able to help you?

It does not look like a Wind force affects a keyed particle system. If your particle is an object, not a halo, you can convert the particles to meshes with Ctl-Shift-A but I am not sure how you would get wind to affect them without using a physics simulation. If you want the particles to get blown away after they get to B, can’t you just add another Key ie. C in the direction you want them to go?

Richard M., Keyed Particles
I’m sure you’ll find there how they go from A to B.
Alan K., Thanks for the shortcut suggestion. But unfortunately I need to Join all the resulting meshes after conversion, and when I do, they all get multiplied by 2. Giving me an unmanageable number of meshes.
I like your idea of just adding a second destination ©. I’ll have to look into this … Even if I have to create only the illusion that this is happening by using compositing :wink:
Btw, the reason why I have to Join them all, it’s because I need to assign Physics/SoftBody to each of them. And since they are so many this would take me days I guess :frowning:


I don’t see why you have to join them. If you set the physics parameters to the object used for the particle, when you make the particles real each object will have the same physics parameters as the original object.

There seems to be a problem when you Join the objects - looks like a bug.