How to apply Actions from blend file to new mesh with same rig?

I have a .blend playerfile with animations I want to use:

I also have a new player model with the same armature rig rigged up to it.
How do I apply the animations (
dieone, dietwo, draw, duck, duckwalk, duckjump, duckidle, idle, jump, painone, paintwo, shoot, taunt, run, runbackwards, strafeleft, straferight, deadone, deadtwo, forwardright, forwardleft, backright, backleft, melee, duckwalkbackwards, duckstrafeleft, duckstraferight, duckforwardright, duckwalkforwardleft, duckbackwardright, duckbackwardleft ) from the complete blender file to this new one so they work on the new model and rig so I can export to the game?

Shift+F1 and append the actions from the original file. Add the action to your new object in the Action Editor

How do I add the action to my rig in the action editor, I’m using 2.6 and the blender tut’s files just don’t exist on the site

Select you object and in the Action Editor use the drop down to the left of the ‘New’ button to select the action you had previously appended.


I selected my mesh and rig, went into NLA editor, pressed Add -> Add Action Strip, selected one of the actions (backleft) and it said
No active strip to add bla to.

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Please help

“no active track(s) to add stripe to”

Please help. Please please.

Don’t use the NLA Editor. Use the Action Editor as Richard M. indicated, and his screen shot shows.

Action editor… there is no action editor in my version of 2.6

I want to add 20 animations, I cant do it. This is fucking impossible. Blender sucks

If you want help I’d advise you to be more civil in your responses. Thread closed since you’ve asked the same thing elsewhere,