How to apply gradient to small part of UV Map?

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I want to apply a gradient, using the fill tool in texture paint, and apply it to only a small part of my UV map. Any ways I can do that? As you can see, when I apply the gradient, it gets applied across the whole UV map. Instead I would like it applied to only a small part of the UV map. I could UV map each part separately, but then I wouldn’t be able to apply one texture to the whole mesh.

Image that has a UV Map with gradient spread across the whole of it.


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That’s a pretty tricky thing… Image painting in Blender is still a bit simplistic, and some things are better done with an external program.

In Blender alone, you may need to use a combination of painted images and using the compositor plus masks to ‘join’ everything.

The best option is using the multiple UVmaps, with multiple textures, and in the end bake everything into a final UVmap.

How would I go about doing that? I can use multiple textures and still bake all of them into one texture that I can apply onto mesh as a whole?

Yes! :smiley:
In the material, add UVmap nodes for each image (each pointing to the correct uvmap). Then add a ‘final_uvmap’ to the mesh and leave it selected. Add a new texture in the material and bake.

The selected uvmap will be used by the bake, but the other textures will still use their specific uvmaps. The end result will be what you expect.
You might also want to read the manual about baking.

I just found this out, but you can do this by face selection masking. Just select the face you want the texture paint to work on, go into texture mode, and check face masking. For the current version, this option is located at the bottom of blender, in cycles render, it looks like this. There is a tutorial about it here. Just updating this for future reference for myself and for anyone else that might run across the same issue!

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Thank you so much! I can definitely make use of this for future references.