How to apply image files to objects?????

Can someone advise on how to get a bitmap image file onto an object??? Theres a million buttons but not one page on google or button in the editor :confused: It was much easier to do so in the old days!

It was much easier to do so in the old days!

It’s just the same as in previous versions of blender
Add a material to your object in the material settings
Select the material, press the texture button next to it
Add a texture slot
Select the type of texture (image)
Select the texture
Select the mapping (UV ?)
Set the influence (colour)


Can you advise a good tutorial showing this because i have no idead where all these buttons and things to select are and theres literally millions in blender. And i’ve not used blender before so dont know how it used to work. By “good old days” i meant truespace 3 and POV_Ray renderer. lol.