How to apply loop cut to this?

i want to apply entire loop cut to extrude individual faces.

i extruded the corner faces in circle as individual faces. after that i want to apply loop cut to the entire extruded faces, but the loop cut apply only to individual faces, applying loop cut to the entire circle manually is difficult. is there any shortcut to apply loop cut to whole circle.

Maybe you should delete all but one slice of your circle, model the whole thing, then use the Spin command to create the full circle.

If you are using 2.49, the knife would do the job well, but it is less powerful in 2.5x.

Instead of extruding and then cutting, you could extrude in two steps, the first to where you want the loop and then the second to where you want the final face.

Alternatively, delete everything except one segment of your circle, model that one segment as you wish, and recreate the rest with an array modifier (or by spin duplication).

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sorry iam not understand what you say. how to use spin tool to create slice in individual faces?

I mean that you can model the part you are working on, and then use the Spin tool to copy it around to make the full model with the changes on each duplicate.

Either that or you could make 2 extrusions from the beginning

Here you go!

For this case, you can getaway with simple knife cut from Front or Side orthogonal view. Just have all mesh selected.