How to apply material to different parts of an object

New to blender, but been using Lightwave for years.

I need to apply a texture/material to the side of a cylinder that is different than the texture/material on top and bottom of the cylinder. I’ve tried Blender’s selection tools, but the object always ends up with 1 material instead of 2.

How do I apply a texture/material to a cylinder’s sides that is different from the top and bottom?


Besides the link Flight% already gave to you it is always a good thing to search the forum before posting a question. A lot of questions have already been asked and answered before.

A few links to other documentation and tutorials:

Happy Blending.

Thanks, Fligh for your great link. That’s exactly what I was looking for. I was already familiar with the tutorials posted in the other reply, and unfortunately, none of those answered my question, but are still appreciated.