How to apply multiple composite nodes to a single object or scene in blender 2.6?

I am aware that only one composite node is possible per scene with unlimited scenes per blend file but I was told that it’s possible to assign composite nodes from one scene to the next or even assign composite nodes from one scene to a specific object contained in a separate scene. For example I need to use a node to blur between objects in a scene and at the same time use a separate node from a separate scene to effect the objects in the first scene. Basically I want to stack composites.

Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks

The general idea is to render the first scene out, clone it, do whatever you want with the second one and combine the renders from both in the compositor.

Thanks for the quick response! How would I go about that without green screening? I would look up a tutorial but I am not sure what it is I am looking for. Thanks again for the help!

On your Render Layer input, there is a popup selector for the scene that provides the render layer. Just set up multiple inputs for each scene’s render.
I haven’t tried this yet, but I saw it in a tutorial and plan to use it.
For Greenscreening, check out Blend That Film.

what do you mean by green screening? are you doing using real life footage
if not you don’t need to key out the sky. when you render blender renders a png still with alpha transparency

watch this tutorial

Thanks a ton, it all makes sense now.