How to apply one armature to character consisnting of multiple objects?

How to apply one armature to character consisnting of multiple objects?

  1. Obvious soulution would be to join meshes into one mesh (Ctrl+J)… but that makes only 16 material slots for all different parts (not that I have used more than 5 ever, but…)

  2. In looking through some other people’s characters it is pretty obvious that they consist of more different objects that are moved by the single armature … so:

a) Should I apply armature modifier to every single part?

b) Should I make armature parent to those objects? (the ‘old’ way, as I understand)

c) other approach?

d) Am I missing something obvious?

Go into Pose mode on the Armature. Select one Object and Shft-Select the Bone, Ctrl-P >> To Bone.


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Fligh, thank you, you’re like Santa!

OR - if you want the other object(s) deformed by more than one bone then you can add the armature modifier and weight painting to them too.

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Thanks! So, patenting armature to object in object mode is no-no?

You can parent the object to the armature in object mode, and many people do, but you should then go to the armature modifier and press the “make real” button to apply the armature modifier fully. It takes a bit to get your head around the variety of alternatives but they’re all documented somewhere, including this forum.

Parenting to “bone” in pose mode gives you a direct connection to a single bone which is all you need if you just want the object to move with that bone and not deform. You can still rotate, scale and even offset the object individually of the parent bone if need be.

Thanks, it works!

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