How to apply seamless / tiled texture to face? (SketchUp -> Blender)

Hi Blenderinos,

Short intro:
I’m trying to get some of my SketchUp models ready for a new city-builder game; Cities Skylines.
I have to export my SU model to Blender (Collada) and then export as .fbx for the game.

Blender almost made me throw my computer out the window. :spin: For me as a SU user the UI was pretty unforgiving…

Anyways, I’m trying to apply this texture (green circle)

To this wall:

Is it possible to apply this texture seamlessly?


Bump, anyone?

Is this green circle texture part of one texture map?
If can be a separated map, yes you can. Because UV editor is tilling by default. (UV editor window / n panel / repeat checked)
If not, you need to subdivide this rectangular accordingly and place all subdivided faces (UV editor) on top of each other. (avoiding stretching)
SketchUp has a UV editor. Unfortunately is hidden somehow. (right click panel / texture etc etc). what it does: Unwraps all faces as separated islands. And, after placing texture on one of these faces, you can use a shortcut to paste/place to the next to it faces. Can’t remember maybe ctrl key to copy and click the next face to apply?. what really happening is: SketchUp UV editor welds the next UV island/face to the previous one.
All these can be seen when you import this object to blender (in the blender UV editor).
Blender has a really advanced UV editor and to unwrap there is strongly recommended.