How to apply the ACTION EDITOR on Game Engine (Blender 2.57)

Hi ppl,

I used Blender 2.49b for a long of time , and 2 days ago , I downloaded the 2.57 version and I’m surprised , Blender changed a lot from 2.4 to 2.5 :S

I’m losted in the Action Editor , when , in blender 2.49b I maked an action , i linked it in the game logics , creating a ALWAYS , with AND , and with a ACTION , this action are a Loop Stop and I linked it using this metod.

But , when I go to link it in blender 2.57 , I haved a surprise , the action doesn’t plays…

Any idea how to play a action in LOOP STOP in blender 2.57 game engine?


No solutions? :frowning:

PD: I need help faster , these actions are for Elements Online ,

Is this what you’re talking about?
Hmmmm, I was going to add an attachment, but for some reason it wont load.

Anyway, have you tried the F-Curve Actuator?

It is the sam as in Blender 2.49b. Only the nams has changed.
IPO Curve Editior --> Graph Curve Editor (F-Curve)
Action Editor --> In the DopeSheed you can swicht to Action Editor

  1. On objects you can only chose F-curve and Shape Key actuator.
  2. The action actuator is only availably when you have selected a bone.
  3. Check your start and end frame setting.

Thanks , I will try with F-Curve , but it’s rare … :eek:

Same result… the object don’t play the action , I tryed it with F-Curve and with the Action Editor , but nothing happens…

You can send me the attachment via PM?

I will upload a video for help me… I don’t know what I’m doing wrong…

Help ! Help ! Help ! Fast please! I’m developing a serious game…

As far as I can see in the video, you’re using a Shape Key actuator - you need to be using an F-Curve actuator, like Molino said. Shape Key actuators work off of shape key channels - you define these in the object’s edit tab. For example, a character talking might use shape actions to move the mouth.

I will try It , thanks SolarLune :wink:

PD: Your game is very nice!! You have mail or anything?

Mail? E-Mail, you mean? Yeah, I can be reached at

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P.S. Thanks.

GOD! , finally it works with F-Curve Editor :smiley:

I’m happy now , but… I have another question… I will make a Attack action , how to define it in F-Curve Editor?

I say it because in the Action Editor you can asign a name for the action , and after you can summon this action in the game logics , but , with F-Curve you can’t assign a name for the action… any solution?

Well, if you have an armature, you should use actions. If you’re just animating solid objects (like a cube), then set certain parts of your F-Curve to account for different animations. For example, frames 1 - 50 could be idle, 51 - 101 could be walk, etc.