How to apply vertex paint?

Hi All,

I am a newbie to Blender. I am following the tutorials and all, but I have a pretty basic question. After I paint an object using Vertex Paint and I press F12 to render it, the paint is not there. Also when I switch back to object mode, the object is not painted. There must be a way to “apply” the paint to the object after painting? What am I missing?

many many thanks in advance.


Turn on the “VCol Paint” button in the materials tab.

Well that works but I have a follow up question… In the tutorial in the Noob to Pro :Your First Test. It says you can somehow vertex paint to add the color to the game. However, I have tried, and still it shows up as white… I also followed what you said, and it works for a render…
Any help?

Goto Textured mode (Alt-Z) before hitting P.



Thanks, I had a brain fart
Two other things… For lighting, how do you make it so the lights aren’t turning the entire surface white? I use the shaded mode, but unlike the renders, it can whitewash my colored materials… and also do you know of a manual that explains the commands of the GE? I can’t find any, and the tuts I find are fairly short and don’t explain much…

You don’t need lights for the GE (things might have changed with time an all but as far as I know it doesn’t matter how many lamps you add it will only use one).

Goto the GE Forum and read the stickeys by Blengine and 3DGuru.


I just noticed that even after I applied the texture with vertex paint, and went to texture mode, it still is showing up as grey… What am I doing wrong?

plz see the wiki

It sounds like you are not back in shaded or textured mode to see what you have painted, and are instead looking at the basic material in solid mode. Check your viewport shading. Or you deleted the object, in which case you need to reapply the ME: to the new object to get the painting back.

No, its on textured mode, I can see it, but when I click play, it changes to grey…

Enable Shadeless prior to render. so, VColPaint and Shadeless should be enabled.

but won’t that make my game… have no shadows?

i wuz just trying to get you to see something besides gray. best to post your .blend file and let us look at it; otherwise we are just poking around int he dark. OR, create a cube, give it a material, click VCol Paint, paint it in Vertex Paint mode, and click render to try to duplicate the problem. If it doesnt duplicate, then just meticulously compare one material setting to another until you find the difference that is causing the problem.:o

Ok, I did a test, I applied vertex painting to a cube… still shows up grey.

Download it from there.

Thanks for the help

That file works for me (even without VColPaint and TexFace) on Bullet, Sumo and None, with and without a Lamp…


no clue what you mean by bullet sumo and None… when I open it I press p and its grey

They are the different Physics engined for the GE.

Maybe the problem is your Video Card, or the Settings or Drivers?


no, I don’t think that is the case, as another blend I took from Braveheart had a nice colored ball… :frowning: