How to approach modeling a corner piece/cap of a guitar amplifier


Im currently working on modeling my guitar amp. I have recently switched from Sketchup to Blender about a month and a half ago, so i am still finding my way here in Blender and 3D as well for that matter.

I am currently stuck on a particular piece of the amp and am wondering how you guys would approach this piece:

I am thinking i should model the piece in 2d, (basically like UV unwrapping it for a visual idea of how im thinking) and then somehow slapping it on the corner. I gave a slight effort in trying to use the shrinkwrap modifier but did not work. I am stumped. I was also thinking if somehow a boolean operation would be the play too.

Here are some more reference images:

Here is the solo’d (local) view of the frame from my model:

Any advice on how to approach this would be awesome. I can provide any other details if needed. Thanks dudes!

I’m pretty new here, but it looks to me like: you’ve already got maybe 85% of the corner caps done, just in the cabinet.

Duplicate the cabinet, slice it up with loop cuts, delete a whole mess of stuff, use the SOLIDIFY modifier on what’s left, and copy it around to all 8 corners.

Ah yes i see what youre saying. I never looked at it like that -_-. Just need to make the “screw wing” things and pop a solidify on there. Thanks for contributing!

If you play your cards right with the MIRROR modifier, you can probably get away with only making one.

Cut it down to this:

The tab can be formed by pulling the selected vertex in to make an even side using the two outside edges of that face and then extrude it out along the desired angle.

To get it to move at that angle precisely, use the Normal transform orientation which should be already on the proper orientation. If it’s not, select the two vertices that are diagonally opposite to each other and then set up a new transform orientation by clicking on this:

Yeah it’d be nice to model this in quarters. I did that all the time in sketchup. Will have to fiddle with the mirror mod to get it the right way.

Thanks man! Im currently going to give this method a go! Didn’t know about the transform orientation. You always learn something new with Blender!

Thanks so much @Anthony_Forwood! I went with this method and got some really good results:

I duplicated the frame, and dropped an edge cut down the middle so i could mirror it, then selected the corner , separated by selection, then went to town in xray mode. Then hit it with a solidify to finish it off. I did have to do it 4 times but meh, im just happy i got the results i wanted. Thanks again everyone!


That looks really nice!

Glad I could help. It makes me feel good!

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