How to assign 1 material to many objects in a selection?

Hi Folks!

I try to assign a material to few objects that I selected with the mouse.

But that’s not working!

Whats wrong?

Thanx in advance for your hlp!


P.S.: I dont want to JOIN (CTRL+J) the objects first, because i need all objects for a physics simulation. Is there any way to unjoin objects? I have about 500 objects (little cubes). :slight_smile:

youselet objects then last one with the proper mat then Ctrl-L and select material in 2.49

If you’ve got the material on one of the objects you can add to all of them really easily using the make links option.

First select all of the objects you want it to be added to, then select the object that has the material. It has to be selected last because it has to be the active object (outline should be a bit brighter than the others), and the press Ctrl + L, choose materials and then you should have the materials on all of your chosen objects.

Wow … CTRL + L is great.

Thanks all!